The Authors

QH graduated with a First Class Honours in psychology from the National University of Singapore. He is currently pursuing his PhD at a reputable midwestern university in the US. His research interest lies in investigating the neural basis of memory and executive functions in the aging brain. He figures that since he has journal articles coming out of his ears from researching, he might as well spread the love.

Jose studied psychology and political sciences as an undergraduate at Singapore Management University. While strongly passionate about cracking the mystery of human thinking and behaviour, he also sees society as an interaction of both the individual and the environment. This is why he takes a particular interest in studying both people and societies and is intrigued with the psychology of power relations. To him, evolutionary psychology has unifying appeal across the social sciences. En route to graduate studies, Jose works as a researcher at SMU's Behavioural Sciences Institute.

Shawn graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours in Psychology from the National University of Singapore. He will pursue his PhD in Neuroscience at the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering, a facility which promotes cross-disciplinary research. He believes that too little emphasis has been placed on the biological basis of psychological constructs, especially emotions. He feels that psychology should be intuitively appealing and bemoans that fact that most research articles are inundated with terminology.

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